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Exceptional ingredient cheeses

Unique cheese ingredients for the Food industry

Branded cheese ingredients
for the food industry and international restaurant chains.

Through the technological expertise of the Bel Group, Bel Foodservice PAI offers a large range of cheese ingredients made from the brands of cheese that are so successful in mass distribution.

With a range of functional properties and a capacity to adapt to a variety of industrial processes, these cheese ingredientsmay be used to prepare sauces, fillings, dressings, and liquid preparations as well as making all kinds of cheese inclusions or toppings. This versatility opens the door to a range of applications: soups, spreads, quiches, purees, salads, ready meals, etc. chilled, at room temperature or frozen.

Assisting in creating value

In addition to merely supplying cheese ingredients, Bel Foodservice PAI also assists customers in developing added value products that create business.

To achieve this, Bel Foodservice PAI depends on the benefits of its product offer to contribute to creating value for its customers who are looking for differentiation and innovation.

Bel Foodservice PAI applies the industrial expertise of a cheese specialist whose production sites comply with international quality standards: HACCP, certifications (ISO, BRC, IFS).

This makes Bel Foodservice PAI an ideal partner, with the desire to assist its customers, through a global service offer to accompany its products: marketing and technical media, culinary advice, quality and nutritional expertise, etc.

Also, in chosen cases, after a detailed study, the Bel Group's brands of cheese may contribute, through co-branding, to reinforcing and underlining the innovative nature and the differentiation of our customers' products.

Nutrition is at the heart of our approach

Building on the nutritional quality of its cheeses is one of the 5 pillars of the Bel Group's CSR approach.

As part of this strategy, Bel Foodservice PAI takes care, particularly with its cobranding partners, to systematically include its cheese in finished goods that offer progress in nutrition. To contribute to this goal, the Bel Group Nutrition Department is called upon at various stages in development.