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Our brands: another asset

Cobranding: a selective procedure

Four Bel brands are rated amongst the top twelve brands of cheese in the world. This has led Bel Foodservice PAI to be asked to implement co-branding by some of its customers.

In selected cases, subject to the organoleptic reality and the fairness of the promise to consumers, Bel brands can help to strengthen brand differentiation for our customer's products. A partnership of this kind can only be undertaken if the project is consistent with the Bel brands and if natural synergies can be found with the customer's brand.


Product reality at the heart of the co-branding approach

The cobranding absolutely must respect and value the territories of both brands involved, whilst acting to increase sales.

Also, far from being a case of brand licensing, our approach to cobranding depends first and foremost on the reality of the product: the taste of the chosen cheese must be recognisable for consumers.