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Its taste is as unique as its character

In 1914, Cees Boterkooper bought a small dairy in Schoonrewoerd, a rural community not far from Leerdam. Meanwhile, in a neighbouring village, the entrepreneur Bastiaan Baars was running a cheese merchants. The paths of the cheese maker and the merchant finally crossed in 1970. They quickly decided to create a new type of cheese together that would be different from the famous Gouda and Emmental. And so Leerdammer® was born.

The history

For Leerdammer® everything began in Holland. In 1977, two Dutch cheese makers launched Leerdammer®, a new Swiss-style cheese born from mixing Gouda and Emmental. From very early on, this cheese that brought together the best of traditional Dutch cheese making and a nut taste was a hit with Europeans.

In 2002, Leerdammer® joined the Bel range of cheeses: innovation and good spirits became the brands strengths, with as much a reputation for the taste of its cheese as for its off-beat adverts.

Leerdammer® today

As one of the first cheeses to be sold in slices ready to make sandwiches, the gold covered cheese is available in a range of formats and flavours to suit current tastes: in blocks or cut from large wheels for traditionalists, with the strong tasting "Caractère" range for fans of traditional produce, in cubes or grated to add to dishes, or slices like the special "toasted sandwich" or " burger" ranges in particular, etc. Leerdammer® is well known in France and particularly popular in Germany, Italy and even the Czech Republic and Slovakia.